Sep 23

Now E&TB Group accept Bitcoin payments!

Nowadays we live in a global world in which we are all connected, even more within companies and people who work in the Tourism Sector as you and us. This is why we want to make our connections easier thanks to Bitcoin.

What is Bitcoin? This is virtual coin, the new way to make payments through internet. As a decentralized currency that nobody controls or owns, Bitcoint payments are secured using peer-to-peer cryptographic technology.

As probably your company and our enterprise are located in different countries, now you will be able to make your payments to E&TB Group also with Bitcoins. Maybe it could be easier for you in order to avoid possible commissions or other inconveniences due to the payment to another country. For example, while the regular international money transfers last within 3 or 5 days, the Bitcoin ones are instant payments.

Now, your company and E&TB Group will be also connected by Bitcoin.

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