Jan 10

Basic Tips not to forget in International Business Travel

Far from being doomed to a lonely existence, the business travel professional life can eventually be very productive if planned and organised carefully.  Here you are some simple tips that will help you spending more time on the business and networking rather than on the travel.

1.- Schedule yourself

Where are you going? When? How? What will you need?  Put together a summary pack of all travel documents you will need, including both personal identification and any presentation material including a schedule.

2.- Copy your emergency phone numbers

Don’t be too dependant on your iPhone just in case it might let you down at the wrong moment.  It’s not a bad idea to have emergency numbers and client information all backed up.

3.- Be international friendly

If you are visiting an unfamiliar culture take a minute to study at least the basic facts of their culture and key phrases iin the native languages as a courtesy.

4.- Agenda setter

Make sure your meetings and venues have been confirmed the day before you go.

5.- Batteries

Do not plan to do too much, and be aware of your energy levels.

6.- Time management

Allow enough time to get everywhere, but be careful not to end up arriving three hours in advance.

7.- Embrace local culture

Learn as much as you can and the best way sometimes is to base yourself near nice spots.  Don’t forget to pick up some goodies for your colleagues.

8.- On the journey

It is a good idea to  type up all your impressions on the journey back instead of working more.  Relax and mingle a little, who knows who you might meet?

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