Jun 12

What is the briefing? Eventoplus helped us solving this question

The Briefing. This has been the main topic in the last breakfast organised by the Club Eventoplus, the Spanish leading media group in the events market. E&TB Group has been one of the attendants to this event which has taken place at the Silken Gran Hotel Havana, in Barcelona.

What is a briefing? Which is its purpose? It is often believed that the briefing is something to be made in the last part of the process of product –or event, in our sector- just to put in order what is in disorder. Fortunately, though, now this view is changing. According to the speakers in the Club Eventoplus breakfast, Rafael Grande, the Head of Global Events & Advocacy in Almirall, and Kristy Brown, the Communication Director of the agency Apple Tree Communications, the briefing is vital if we want to organise a satisfying event.

The key of the briefing in the exchange of ideas: all those involved in the project give their opinion of the way they would like to plan the event, and the result of the exchange of ideas is the briefing. It is an agreement between the agency and the final client, so always it has to be taken into account the opinion and wishes of the client.

Nevertheless, the briefing is not only a relation among the agency and the client, but also between the agency and the suppliers. The aim of both companies is to offer their client a high-quality product; therefore they should join efforts and get agreements to achieve that.

The last message that the speakers gave us is that there is not a standard briefing for all events, so there isn’t another option that doing one for each event.

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