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An exhibition traces the history of the Bulli Restaurant

The famous Restaurant “El Bulli”, distinguished as best restaurant in the world in 2007, 2008 and 2009 by The Restaurant Magazine, has closed in October 2011 for a two year break to create the Bulli Foundation. While Ferran Adrià and his team have laid the groundwork for the new project, which will be released in 2014 in Cala Montjoi, there are other parallel initiatives underway.

One is the exhibition opened at the Palau Robert in Barcelona “Ferran Adria and elBulli”. Risc, liberty and creativity is the leitmotiv of the exhibition. It is a journey through the path of the best chef in the world and the legendary restaurant in Roses (Costa Brava).

“There is only 10% of the Bulli material” says the chef, who has achieved the objective that the sample is “very informative”. This is the first exhibition of the history dedicated to a restaurant.


The exhibition, is divided into 10 sections: Surveys, ElBullifoundation, Origins, evolutionary synthesis, search of a style, the time of change, moment 0, the consolidation of a style and spirit of ElBullivirus and the spirit of Bulli.

The exhibition runs from 2nd February 2012 until 3rd February 2013 and then travel to cities around the world.

For the president of the Generalitat, through people like Ferran Adrià, Catalonia has the opportunity to stand before the world in a class. “The change that the country has to go through here: by projecting everywhere, be on top and be a benchmark. And thanks to Ferran Adrià, its people and so many creative people in the country, that’s possible,” said Artur Mas.

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