Dec 28

Asia-Pacific airlines launched at low cost

Companies in the Asia-Pacific region are being launched at low cost

The Japanese airline ANA, Singapore Airlines and Qantas announce the opening of lines at lower prices in collaboration with local low-cost airlines.

air asia aircraft
The Japanese company ANA (All Nippon Airways) announced the creation of Air Asia  next to Japan, which has several subsidiaries of its kind in the continent. The joint venture is shared by 67% for ANA and 33% for Air Asia, with an onset of domestic and international operations in August 2012 and based in Tokyo Narita Airport.

ANA also announced the launch of low cost airlines from Kansai Airport from March 2012, under the brand Peach and in collaboration with an investor from Hong Kong. Japan Air will also launch routes at lower prices with Jetstar, a subsidiary of Qantas. The Australian company has set up a new low cost, based in Singapore.

Singapore Airlines announced its intention to create a low cost subsidiary specializing in long-haul flights would be operational by mid next year.

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