Apr 02

E&TB Group attends the Grupo Eventoplus Research 2014

The tourism company Eventoplus has celebrated his annual Market Research 2014 in Barcelona. This time they have chosen an outstanding venue to hold the event: the Camp Nou. E&TB Group has been one of the dozens of suppliers that have attended to the conference. Eventoplus is one of the most important Spanish companies that provide help to tourism suppliers and other professionals of the sector.

The slogan chosen for this year’s event has been “the attendant takes the leading role”. The CEO of Eventoplus and presenter of the conference, Eric Mottard, encouraged the Spanish providers gathered at the Camp Nou not just to care about what they say, but also for the people who get these messages.

Mottard recommended the companies not to organise events that last one hour or more without doing any stop. The best, he said, is to do a break every 20 minutes: the attendant will be more aware of what you say. Furthermore, you will get more interaction with your attendants if you let them to take part in your meeting or conference.

Apart from all these tips, Eventoplus invited their guests to visit the premises of the Camp Nou and to have a cocktail in the refurbished FC Barcelona Museum.

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