Sep 17

E&TB is officially certified ISO 9001

In July 2012, E&TB Group received its certificate ISO 9001:2008 that is the basis of the system of quality management. It is an international standard that focuses on all elements of quality management that a company needs to have an effective system to manage and improve the quality of products or services. Today, there are more than 640,000 companies worldwide that are certified ISO 9001.

The audit was performed by TÜV Rheinland, leading international service provision group established in 65 countries on all continents. It represents an independent, neutral third party that tests, monitors, develops, promotes and certifies products, equipment, processes and management systems as well as services. TÜV Rheinland is active in all relevant areas in researching and developing new technologies.

Obtaining ISO 9001 is a team effort. Indeed it applies to all members of a company, who must work together to get it. The first step for E&TB was to analyze all the documentation of the quality management system and to arrange a first site visit with the aim of identifying gaps and reviewing the global organization. The second step consisted in an audit of the agency based on a comprehensive program and according to strict rules. Then, the official representative was able to assess the level of understanding of these rules in the various departments involved and affected by the new standards and its requirements.

Having passed all steps successfully, E&TB has now a detailed global management system that has been thoroughly optimized. The certificate ISO 9001 provides the organization with an effective tool to analyze and identify the key points that need to be improved by requiring a complete overhaul of the system of quality management. On the external perspective, this certificate improves the agency’s position on the market with competitive advantages enabling it to offer products or services that better meet the needs of its customers.

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