Nov 03

Good air connection between Colombia and Spain

Colombia and Spain, Bogotá and Madrid, are well-connected due to the number of airlines that organise flights between the two countries. Every year there are many people who travel among the two states both as tourists and for business deals. Let’s see which airlines offer connections between Spain and Colombia.


The airline AVIANCA does direct flights from the Barajas Airport in Madrid to the José María Córdova Airport in Medellín, Colombia. It lasts 11 hours.

Avianca also offers direct flights between Barajas-Madrid and the International Airport El Dorado, in Bogotá, Colombia’s capital city.


If the traveller wants to reach other cities in Colombia, they should take another flight when arriving to Medellín or Bogotá. The three best airline companies which offer flights are also Avianca, Iberia and British Airways. They reachs Colombian cities as Barranquilla, Cali or Cartagena.

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