Sep 26

Interview with HRG Göteborg

HRG LogoHRG is an international corporate travel services organization with a network employing more than 12,000 people worldwide. We use our global reach, local expertise and business travel experience to deliver first-class products and services to clients around the world.


1.- What does HRG as an international corporate travel organization to ensure good quality in service when travelling with their Incentive Clients?

It is important to ensure and recognize the purpose of their incentive travel, to be well prepared in every aspect ,checking security procedures and always have a plan B.

2.- How does HRG select their DMC Partners?

We check the creativity of the agency, financial stability and well documented quality.

3.- What is most important for your clients when they have to decide where to travel?

Most important is the purpose of travel, budget, flight connections, sometimes climate.

4.- Are there any Preferred Incentive Destinations for Scandinavian clients?

All Europe with Barcelona on top of the list.

5.- What does Spain offer your Incentive Groups that makes it so attractive?

The culture, the climate, food and drink and good flight connections.

6.- Do you think Spain is a cheap Incentive Destination? Can you feel that hotels in Spain have decreased rates in the last years? What is your impression about this?

No it´s not cheap and we do not feel that hotel prices have decreased.

7.- Do you categorize Spain as a secure destination? Do you think the problems in Arabic countries have had an influence to increase business to Spain?

Yes we consider Spain as a safe country, but we do not recognize the Arabic countries problems should influence our business with Spain at all.

8.- Sweden is a very stable country when talking about the Economy. In this sense have you been affected by the crisis?

Yes Sweden is affected by the crisis.

9.- What is your feeling about 2011 and your preview for 2012 regarding Incentive Business in general?

Business is increasing for the moment being so we are very optimistic.

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