Sep 10

The best matches for La Liga are already available for you!

The tickets for all La Liga matches played by Barcelona, Real Madrid, Málaga, Atlético de Madrid, Sevilla, Espanyol and Mallorca at their stadiums are at your disposal!

From now, you have the option to just look around Spain Tickets Online and choose the one or more matches that you would like to attend live and buy your tickets.

Moreover, if you want to spend some days in the city in which the game takes place, you can choose your package (ticket for a match + stay in a hotel) and enjoy both your little holidays and the match you expect the most.

Real Madrid Stadium Santiago BernabéuAs you know, at Spain Tickets Online we offer you the possibility to book your football tickets and packages in advance. So you do not have to worry about last-minute bookings nor any rush. You just have to choose the match and the area of the stadium you prefer (and the hotel if you ever book a package): you do not have to worry about anything until the day of the match.

In addition, you have the chance to receive in your hotel the tickets you bought. At the stadium, we will always try to sit your party all together, since we have seats guaranteed for all the matches.

¿Are you looking for FC Barcelona tickets? ¿Or maybe Real Madrid tickets? Don’t let others take what could be your place if you really feel La Liga. Book now your favourite tickets and packages with Spain Tickets Online!

Do not hesitate to contact Spain Tickets Online and Mr. Andrea Lena (Andrea@eatb.es) for further information.

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