Oct 25

Face to face with Catalonia – meet E&TB Group at Fòrum Empresarial Catalunya Russia in Moscow

Fòrum Empresarial Catalunya Rússia is a new, exciting project elaborated by Catalunya Convention Bureau, aiming to strengthen and expand B2B business between Catalonia and Russia. Between 31/10/2012 and 02/11/2012, Moscow will be a host city for hundreds of Catalan companies which decided to join in with E&TB amongst them!
E&TB Group has been an active member of Catalunya Convention Bureau since July 2012. We know that our region has a great potential to become worlds best M.I.C.E destination and we work hard to demonstrate it to the foreign countries.

Fòrum Empresarial Catalunya Rússia is not an expo or traditional fair. It is a meeting place for diverse businesses, which are willing to expand their sales in Russia, create joint-ventures with local companies or attract Russian investors to develop new projects in Catalunya. If your firm belongs to agro-alimentation, tourism, fashion and textile, construction or renewable energy industry, Fòrum Empresarial Catalunya Rússia is the place to be.

E&TB Group is very excited about being able to participate in such an important event. We have a great experience working with Russian companies and professionals, and we are well prepared to enlarge our connections along the country. In order to improve our cooperation with local travel agencies in Russia we have done sales trips to Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Our responsible agent for the Russian market Victoria Yashukova, who has been working as a Senior Project Manager since September 2008, is originally from St. Petersburg and is always eager to take care and help our Russian clients.

Fòrum Empresarial Catalunya Rússia will be without a doubt the best venue to meet in person and open new networks. If you are a Russian company looking for a professional agency in Spain, please contact us at  Victoria@eatb.es or call +34 932 385 440.

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