Dec 12

Number of congresses to increase in 2012

American Express Meetings & Events, publishes the results of a poll forecasting an increase in the number of congresses in 2012

American Express Congress & Events is the American Express Global Bussiness Travel travel management división.  It identifies the trends and activities related to congresses in 2012, locally and worldwide, to  strategically help professionals and executives making an efective use of their investment in meetings.

cc: World Economic Forum

According to a recent poll and in-depth interviews with sector experts including organizers, purchase managers and hotel suppliers all over the world, 2012 global Congress demand seems to be increasing. Poll conclusions show that Congress and Conference Meetings will be celebrated closer to companies’ hometown, agendas will have more content and they will be more eco friendly.

From those event organizers who were interviewed, 42% from North America, 50% South American, 51% European and 57% of theAsian agree on seeing signs of increase in their clients’ activities.  Moreover, 60% of suppliers also expect the meetings forecast to increase.

In accordance with 2012 First Congress and Events Barometer, published by American Express during EIBTM fair, an increase in the cost of travel and congresses is expected, thus propeling companies to focus on the impact of experience as regards the choice of the event’s venue.

“Even in a context marked by economical uncertainty, different areas of this industry are quite optimist, for they foresee an increase in the demand of sevices and good by the clients”Issa Jouaneh, AE Congress and Events vicepresident says.

2012 Meetings global profile

Companies will keep on wagering for increasing their budget on congress and meeting organisation for 2012 expecting to get the maximum ROI in every meeting.

Global Trends

  •  Companies aim at increasing the number of meetings while they will be shorter.
  • Congresses will take place closer to companies’ hometown.
  • Agendas will include much more business content.
  • Eco friendly events are a rising trend.
  • Demand on luxury facilities and resorts will be reduced with the exception of meetings taking place in  the Asian-Pacific area and Latin America.
  • North America will still lead the seek for new ways of optimization regarding the expenses and the raising up of experience return.
  • Congress sector in Europe shows a possitive track, though to a lesser extent than global trends.
  • Asian-Pacific region breaks the rest of the world rule, fundamentally fo those economies’ strength.  Contrary to what happens in the rest of the market, the individual size of each congress might grow.
  • The forecast for Latin America is of moderate grow.
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