Feb 27

Spain DMCs CEO asks for VAT policy change

Nexotur.com interviews Spain DMCs CEO
Luis Diaz critique: “Foreing companies longing to do their events in Spain should be able to deduce VAT”.
DMCs claim for “a change in the promotion of MICE sector, looking for more effective differenciated actions”

The DMCs sector “issues are not few”, according to Spain DMCs CEO Luis Diaz. Among the bariers we find VAT for “when a foreign company not belonging to the EU wants to plan its conventions in Spain, they won’t be able to deduce the VAT, while in other countries it is possible to do so”.

As he points out, some aspects of the VAT policies urge to be solved for they have quite an influence in travel agencies devoting their activity to the MICE sector. Up to now, all special policies concerning VAT for travel agencies suit issuing agencies, but does not apply to agencies bringing corporate groups to Spain (for conventions, incentive travel…)

On the other hand, nowadays there are still some areas in Spain too much linked to the image of holiday destination so that even though they are developing MICE sector oriented strategies, are actually kind of banned as business destinations. Such is the case of Costa del Sol which some business areas do not find suitable to organize their meetings.

Source: Nexotur

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