Jun 27

Tourism and transport in a debate since the new regulation at Sagrada Familia Parking Area

On 5th June started the reorganization of tourist coaches around the Sagrada Familia promoted by the City Council. Mobility Councillor of the City of Barcelona, Eduard Freixedes, stated that limiting access to the Sagrada Familia in tourist coaches has yielded “reasonably well” in the first two weeks of operation, and held that the measure has not lowered the number of visitors that come to the temple.

“The goal was never to avoid buses because they generate economic activity, and it is good news to see that with the new site we continue to have the same visitors”, said the Committee on Safety and Mobility on Thursday in response to a question from political national party PP.

The reorganization means for most discretionary bus tourists that they have to walk a couple of blocks to enter the basilica, which leads to an increased flow of pedestrians and Freixedes has recognized that the ability of some of the sidewalks that absorb is “insufficient”.

These measures very directly affect the day trips that tourists perform in Barcelona preventing even the panoramic views coach unable to circulate around the temple. The Sagrada Familia was the most visited tourist attraction in Barcelona with 3.2 million visitors in 2011 according to data from the temple.

Various associations have united in a platform to claim City Council agreed on a solution mobility of coaches in the environment of the Sagrada Familia to improve the current situation.

The Platform consists of the Catalan Association of Travel Agents (ACAV) Association of Professional Tourist Informers (TIPS), the Association of Coaches Discretionary Catalonia (AUDICS), the Catalan Union of Travel Agencies Specialized (UCAVE) and Cruise Operators Group is already talking City Council in a work table to find other ways that allow the coexistence residents and visitors to the Sagrada Familia but does not harm tourism, one of the engines today’s economy.

The Mice sector is taking a large number of visitors to the Sagrada Familia during their trips. According to agencies, 50% of these visits to the city include the temple. In this case the new measures entail a loss of 90,000 euros for half an agency.


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