Dec 18

Try a Healthy Meeting with E&TB Group

Now your groups will have the chance to try a new way to attend a meeting: the Healthy Meetings.

This has been the new offer of the chain Barceló Hotels (we work with them). Their philosophy is the healthy life and tourism, so now they want their clients to try the same.

How can a meeting be healthy?

-          Gastronomy: healthy food is one of the keys to achieve a healthy meeting. The attendants to the event will be able to enjoy top culinary creations made up of raw material. Food will be elaborated and presented in an attractive way.

-          Atmosphere: lighting, smell, decor and furniture are nothing but essential for a healthy meeting.

-          Breaks: a healthy meeting cannot miss coffee breaks with healthy food and relaxation sessions.

Want to organise a healthy meeting? Contact roberta@eatbgroup.com


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