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Cadiz for a group trip. Why you should organise it?

Have you ever been to Cadiz? Founded 3,000 years ago, its perfect location between Europe and Africa, among the Mediterranean Sea and the Altantic Ocean, has brought many people –nowadays, tourists- to the city.

Cadiz is a mixture of history, culture and ‘authenticity’, and probably this is why every year thousands of tourists choose this place. In fact, Cadiz is not only a city, but also a whole province that offers many touristic attractions.

Nowadays, the congresses and events tourism has also focused on Cadiz. Why?

  • A wide range of facilities

The province of Cadiz offers 40,000 hotel rooms; many of them located in 4-star and 5-star hotels. There are 46 hotels with rooms and spaces for holding events. The top city to hold congresses is Jerez, but the other main touristic cities are Cádiz (the capital), Chiclana de la Frontera, El Puerto de Santa María, Rota and San Fernando.

  • All kinds of congresses and events

Cadiz is already a ‘Mice province’; so many different congresses take place there. The health medical sector, the pharmaceuticals, information technology and telecommunications, economic and financial sector, and the socio-political are the largest generators of meetings in the province of Cadiz.

In addition, such well-known competitions as the Golf Ryder Cup, the Motorcycling World Championship, the World Equestrian Games or World Olympic Classes Sailing also are hold in Cadiz.

  • What to do in Cadiz (when people are not in congresses)

There are many things to do in the Cadiz Province. Of course, there are amazing beaches, but also old castles and monasteries, museums, palaces, Andalusian ‘cortijos’ and the best cellars.

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