Mar 26

Emerging technologies are not already new in tourism

Cloud computing, big data, devices and applications, natural interfaces…

These names could sound a bit strange but they are already the technologies with which the tourism sector works. This is the most important thing said in the last edition of the Smart Tourism Congress, which has recently taken place in Spain.

Besides the new technologies previously said, other emerging technologies that are already essential in tourism are payment with a fingerprint, augmented reality or Social CRM.

Do you know why these new technologies are used for?

Cloud computing: to deliver computing resources (hardware and software) as a service over Internet. This service allows small businesses the access to software in an easier way.

Big data: to collect data that is too large to process it in database

Devices and applications: if we look to the near future, tourism will sooner be dominated by Mobile Applications. The tourists want new technologies that make easier their trips.

Natural interfaces: emergency technologies allow tourists to interact in a different way, without keyboards.

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