Nov 14

Fly with Barcelona team!

Spain is special due to many reasons: culture, weather, beaches, gastronomy… But everybody knows that nowadays football is also an important feature in this country.

Among the most popular clubs in Spain there is undoubtedly FC Barcelona. Thousands of travellers who arrive at Barcelona every year don’t lose their opportunity to see a Barça match at the awesome Camp Nou, the largest stadium in Europe.

However, that isn’t all. This year, for the second season in a row, we offer you the option not only to see live a Barcelona match, but also something much more exiting… Fly with the Barcelona team in the same plane!!

Twice a month the club travels to any other place in Spain to play La Liga matches, so there is a a wide range or options available for you. This is the incredible experience we offer you:

Stay in a hotel in Barcelona + jump on a flight together with FC Barcelona players + enjoy the match + get back to Barcelona straight away, travelling again with their heroes.

Want to fly on with Barça players? Contact roberta@eatbgroup.com !

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