May 11

General Spanish Flights Connection Schedule

Flight to SpainAre you planning an incentive travel in Spain? If this is the case, you have to be sure you know the best way to get to the city; and providing you with this and other useful information is something a good DMC can do for you. Checking airports conexions sometimes supose a mess for managers.

Because in  E&TB Group we value you, we want to provide you with a General Flights Schedule until  October 2012 based on the main airports in Spain.

Using the conexions between main Spanish cities and main cities worldwide, you will have a general idea of which are the best possibilities to celebrate meetings and properly prepare that incentive programme you are thinking of.  Because it is always good to have the General Flight Plan from and to Spain, in order to check out points of connection and flight days in the long term.

Barcelona, Madrid, Málaga or Mallorca are the most connected airports in Spain, taking points to flight between Amsterdam, Berlin, Brussels, Buenos Aires, Prague, Oslo or Kiev, among many others.

On the other hand, there are cities such as Seville or Bilbao that could be more problematic. Nevertheless, the Andalusian capital has direct flights basically  to Amsterdam, London, Malta or Milan, and Bilbao is definitely a good destination if you are planning to come from Munich or Frankfurt.

To pefectly handle your incentive travel, you firstly should have a good start, so this step is one of great relevance in the choice of  your destination.

Finally, the goal consists on maximizing that incentive trip, not waisting time on the way and enjoying on destination, as a company values their employees as much as E&TB Group values you!

You can download the full connection schedule here!

Spain flight schedule for summer 2012

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