Oct 14

How to plan a successful event?

Undoubtedly, the setting is one of the most essential clues to hold a great event. Depending on the setting you choose, the attendants will feel in one kind of place or another. Due to this, it is fundamental to pick out the correct scenario in order to succeed in your event.

What to take into account when organizing an event?

-          Size: the key thing is to find the exactly size depending on your needs or the atmosphere you want to create. Big spaces are more difficult to decorate, and if they are not garnished enough, the attendants could find them empty. Usually small settings are more comfortable for the people.

-          Height: if you want to put a screen or a scenario in the setting, take care about the height where you fix them, in order that the attendants can see them well.

-          Floor: any unevenness can be very uncomfortable for you attendants.

-        Roof: it is an essential factor for the success of an event. A metallic roof can be very warm in summer, or noisy if it rains.

-        Safety: be sure you have an evacuation plan, emergency plan and protection against fire. Your attendants want to feel safe ‘at your place’.

-         Electricity: not difficulties in this aspect. You need electricity to light the setting and in order that computers and screens work correctly.

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