Jan 20

New business opportunities when travelling, tips to maximize time

Whenever one travels for business reasons has the need, more than ever, to make the city profitable.  Every travel has a mission that needs to be accomplished; but besides, finding new business opportunities would be desirable too.  For that to be possible, one needs to make the city profitable by combining purposes.  There is one basic question that needs to be asked in order not only to set one’s agenda but to find the most efficient way to fill its gaps:  how much business can I take to cover while  I’m here?

Even if you are already travelling to call on a customer, it is unlikely that you spend your whole stay doing the same thing.  Try to attend some conferences taking place in the same area or go to an industry association show and you can also take the chance to schedule appointments with prospective clients around.  Everyone agrees on the importance of taking care of the relations with your existing customers, but one never knows how priceless developing a new customer might be.

Even if you are travelling for a little time, still there are some things you can do to maximize your time abroad:

  • attend one-day workshops
  • try to engage training sessions
  • host a luch for your client

Your presence at business conferences, meetings and seminars would allow you to meet other business owners, enterpreneurs and prospective investors in a country other than your own.

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