Feb 21

Do you know what a ‘porró’ is? Let’s discover a Catalan tradition!

porro catalan glass pitcher

If you ever visit Catalonia and the region where is located Barcelona, you definitively should taste the local wine… using a porró, of course! But, what a ‘porró’ is?

porró is a glass pitcher used to keep some drink, particularly red wine. It has its origin, in the 18th century when it was unusual to have available glasses for everyone at home or taverns. The first porró came up to fulfil this need. Everyone at the same place can drink from the same porró. It sounds unhealthy, but it is not! Actually, it is a clean way to drink because there is no contact within the lips and the glass pitcher.

The porró is commonly used to drink red wine, but it is not strange to refill it with white wine or cava. In traditional cuisine restaurants in Catalonia, you can still drink wine on a porró, upon request. This peculiar glass pitcher is a Catalan cuisine symbol nowadays. Popularly, it is believed that it represents friendship and happiness, that is why it is commonly used during celebrations!

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