Oct 04

Russian tourists satisfied with their stays in Spain

Russian visitors appreciate Spanish hotels. This is the conclusion of the last study published by the Online Market Monitor about the quality and value of the touristic destinations. 1,100 Russian tourists have given their opinions about Spanish Hotels, with a final average of 8,17 out of 10. This mark is higher than marks given by other traditional markets, but it also could be improved in the next years.

The majority of the Russian tourists who answered the questionnaire were families, but who gave the best marks were the groups and friends and business travelers.

What do Russian tourists appreciate most of Spanish hotels?

- Location: 9,01/10

- Cleaning: 8,48/10

What do Russian tourists appreciate least of Spanish hotels?

- Comfort, Relax and Rooms: between 8,03 and 8,07 out of 10.

Spanish Tourism Sector is satisfied with marks given by Russian Tourists, but they want even to improve what they offer. The best way to achieve it, they concluded, is to know what are the interests of every group (families, friends and business travelers) in order to offer exactly that what they want.

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