Feb 28

Spain, fourth most visited country in the world

balearic islands

Balearic Islands, a popular destination

According to a report released on February 2013 by the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), Spain received 56.7 million visitors during 2011. These figures make Spain the 4th most visited country in the world.

Actually, the country received 7.6% more tourists than in the previous 12 months. Weather, gastronomy, history and culture can be considered strong points to explain Spain’s attraction among visitors.

By regions, Catalonia is still the most visited autonomy, wit almost 14 million tourists / year. Canary and Balearic Islands are behind the leader with 11 and 10 million visitors each. Andalusia and the Valencian Community complete the ‘top 5’.

Worldwide, no other country receives more tourist that France (79 million / year). It is followed by United States, with 62; then China, with 53. In fifth position we find Italy, with 46 million of visitors.

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