Feb 06

Spain is the third country in the European Union in air traffic

Five Spanish airports are in the Top 30 of the European Union airports with more passengers. Madrid, Barcelona, Palma de Mallorca, Malaga and Gran Canaria are the airports that have a place in this prestigious list, and they make Spain the third country in Europe with highest air traffic.   

This information has been published by the EU Statistics Office, Eurostat, in the annual report on air passenger in 2012. Nearly 827 million of people flied around the European Union during that year: 0.7% more than the in 2011, but 10% more than 2009, the lowest point in this crisis time.

In the case of Spain, the majority of airports have lost passengers during 2012, but the five most important ones (mentioned in the first paragraph) have brought Spain into the third position of the ranking. The United Kingdom is in the top of this list, with 203 million of passengers; in the second position is Germany, with 179 m.; then Spain, with 160 m.; the fourth is France, with 135; and the last in the top 5 is Italy with 116 m.

By cities, this is the ranking: 1. London-Heathrow (UK), 2. Paris-Charles de Gaulle (France), 3. Frankfurt-Main (Germany), 4. Amsterdam Schiphol (The Netherlands), 5. Madrid-Barajas (Spain) [in the picture].

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