Apr 09

The politeness of the Meeting Tourism Sector

“Is the Meeting Tourism a polite sector? Undoubtedly, yes”.

This is what the Mexican company Industria de Reuniones (Meeting Industry, in English) have published and explained in their last article (text in Spanish).

Why is polite the Meeting Tourism Sector?

Firstly, because Meeting Tourism employees have to deal face to face with clients every day, so being polite is the only way for them to not lose public. It is not possible to succeed in this job without having previously gained the confidence of clients.

“The more you know, the more opportunities to get superior costumers you have”.

Moreover, when the professionals of this sector attend the annual meetings of any huge business organisation, they don’t go there just to sell products, or to have a drink with colleagues, they also attend the meeting to learn more about trends.

The interest of the Meeting Tourism Sector employees to find out more about every topic is not only to offer the best product to their clients, but also to get new clients, and superior ones. People who trust in you can understand that logistic or technique problems appear, but not that the professionals they have previously chosen, betray them.

To end the article, we will use the same statement as Industria de Reuniones in the original version: “Everyone one who works in the Tourism Sector has to be wise, so, don’t forget this: we are all teachers and we are all students”.

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