Nov 26

The results of the EITBM will help the Spanish Tourism Sector to be optimistic


The EITBM event has been successfully held in Barcelona during the third week of November. All people around the world related to the MICE tourism sector have joined in the city during the 3 days of the year in which Barcelona is the world’s capital tourism city.

The good results of the EITBM show the same that the Spanish Convention Bureau has published this year: the Spanish Tourism Sector is doing it well. The celebration of conventions has risen 26% and now the international meetings represent 1 of every 4 events hold in Spain.

These good results are not just for the Spanish Tourism, but also for world’s tourism. In the first day of the EITBM, the expert in the Greenwich University, Rod Davidson, said that now the sector is “moderately optimistic”. Mr. Davidson added that in the last months the enterprises have begun to spend money to organize activities and events, what is helping the sector to “recover from the crisis”. However, Davidson called to patience because this crisis has toughly hit the tourism sector, so the major improvements will happen in the next years.

Good connection between Spain and Germany

The Catalan newspaper La Vanguardia has published an interview with the manager of the German Convention Bureau, Matthias Schultze, who has played his part in the EITBM. Schultze said that more and more Spanish and German companies are working together. Furthermore, the Spanish enterprises are not the only which want to work with the German, because the interest to work together is shared by the two countries.

Mr. Schultze praised Barcelona as the venue of the EITBM, mainly because of the culture and gastronomy,  but also due to the big and comfortable airport which is near the city.

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