Jul 17

What are the ‘tapas’?

One of the most popular Spanish dishes is undoubtedly the ‘tapa’. In fact, nowadays there are ‘tapas restaurants’’ all over the world. However, what exactly is the ‘tapa’? The well-known chef Ferran Adrià has explained it in front of 200 chefs from the UK, in the congress ‘El Arte de las Tapas’, organised by Estrella Damm in London.

Ferran Adrià, who founded and owned elBulli, the top world restaurant in 2002, 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009, explained that ‘tapas’ are not too old as it could seem. In fact, the Spanish Official Dictionary didn’t accept the word until 1939. Thus, in just half a century, the ‘tapas’ became a must meal for all Spaniards, and, nowadays, even for other people from other countries.

‘Tapas’, said Adrià, have evolved over the years. Some time ago they were cooked only with the typical Spanish food, but today there are ‘tapas’ cooked with any kind of food from any country. This is what Ferran Adrià and his brother, Albert Adrià, are doing with their new project “Tickets 2014”. For the first time, ‘tapas’ are cooked for prêt-à-porter.

For Adrià, this is a new way of innovating with ‘tapas’, and also a way to maintain the spirit of elBulli, his most popular restaurant closed in 2012 due to a personal decision.

Enjoy, now, tapas for prêt-à-porter!

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