May 19

You love, we love, E&TB loves….. MICE Events, with love!

Love ‘has arrived’ at the MICE sector. It could seem weird, but it is nothing but real. What do we mean when we say ‘love’? Seducing our clients, our friends. We should look after them when they ask for our services, in order to achieve that they love us, that they call us again.

How to do do that? According to the article in the magazine ‘Travel Manager’, the new trend consists of undertaking VIP events for only small groups, or even just a person, in which everything is focused on them. Now it is not time for big events; nowadays we need to get to know the interests of our clients.

Due to this, all elements are important when planning our ‘love’ events: setting, atrezzo, catering, gifts… The results will be satisfying: the clients will realize your agency had really planned the best event for them, so they will love you. The second, the third and all the times your clients call you again you should do the same thing, to study them and to plan the best for them.

This is the love, in MICE, so E&TB Group loves MICE events. And you?


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