Aug 22

A new Gourmet Restaurant in an idyllic place in Madrid

The former cinema Carlos III in Plaza de Colón, Madrid, has been refurbished to hold a new gastronomic space in the Spanish Capital City.

This new Gourmet Restaurant has the holding capacity for 1,183 people, it has 5,800 m and it is divided into two floors. Inspired in the 40s and 50s, it is not only a place to be visited for all lovers of the food, but also by everybody who like history and to feel like if they are in a former époque.

Regarding the food, the new Gourmet Restaurant in Madrid offers fusion of flavours and international tastes. There is the restaurant of Ramon Freixà, the sinergies of the three Spanish Paco Roncero, Pepe Solla and Marcos Morán, and foreigner restaurants and the Japanese, Mexican, Italian… And also a cocktail bar perfcet to go after having lunch or dinner.

Due to its past a cinema, this idyllic setting in Plaza Colón has a outstanding scenario for dancing performances, cabaret, theatre, or just music.

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