Mar 26

Drumcafe in Spain – The perfect activity to create Teambuilding!

Imagine your company making music together!

Provide to each team the drums to play, listen to each other and within 15 minutes your company will be making music! Whether your interest is to create an interactive activity or looking for entertainment, the Drum Cafe offers an unforgettable experience.

With the mix of cultures and languages ​​of the European Union, the Drum Café offers a way to unite the entire world with a universal language, the rhythm and teamwork. Exercise with the drums lasts only an hour, and is the most powerful and “easy to organize” activity to motivate your team and entertain.

Drum Cafe Meetings

Percussion drills are a great way to bring people together and provide them with the motivation to work together openly with trust and eliminating some barriers to overcome difficult times such as language, culture or hierarchies.

With Drum Cafe, live meetings are so relaxed, as the process becomes more enjoyable and participants are active and entertained. The surprise effect is a critical component for people who participate in the meeting flow and carried away by the energy supplied by Drum Cafe.

Drumcafe has performed more than 32,000 events in 29 countries for more than 40% of top companies around the world. They can make any size group from 10 to 10,000 people. (Yes, they have to have 6,000 drums)


Drum Cafe can be applied differently in a business incentive program, so that any event of this nature can become a lasting memory for the participants. For example, a tribute, guests can receive with drum beats to the honorees, rather than the typical and usual applause. This will create a new and special atmosphere that makes the event different and original.

In short, Drum Cafe can make your event a work of theater, where the emotions flowing and everyone involved, giving the activity a real sense of spectacle. With 17 offices around the world, it is not a problem for to tailor your event anytime.

It is easy to implement an event of drums. It lasts only an hour and is done in the usual conference room. It can be used in product launches, large dinners, opening conference, team building sessions or work parties.

Are you interested in this activity? We are willing to help you organizing an unforgettable experience for your team!

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