Mar 09

Is Spain one of the best countries to do business in?

By the start of the month, Infographiclabs posted an article showing an infographic looking at some factors on ease of setting up and running a business in nations around the world for the next year (attached below).  It examines business issues as ease of tax compliance or shareholders protection.

The top three positions run as follows: Singapore, Hong Kong- SAR – China and New Zealand.  Although Spain is not included in the ranking, there are still good reasons to consider Spain a good business destination:

  1. There are plenty of natural areas with contrasting landscapes.  In search of something different?  Try discovering natural landscapes from the air in a hot-air balloon flight.
  2. Almost 8000 kilometres of coastline follow around the Mediterranean, Atlantic and Cantabric waters.
  3. UNESCO has acknowledged its unique cultural heritge from the treasures of the muslim civilization in Granada to the art works of Gaudí in Barcelona.
  4. Fun-packed fiestas to discover Spain’s different traditions during your business travel or event.
  5. A unique way of making the most of the after dark hours, with a thousand leisure possibilities available and a lively nightlife.
  6. A delicious and healthy gastronomy with tastes to suit all palates and the pleasures of fine wine .  What a greater distinction than completing a goood business meeting with the chance to enjoy good food and drinks?
  7. A wide range of options for wellbeing and relaxation as well as health treatments.
  8. It offers the chance to enjoy spectacular sports both as a spectator or as an active player (football, tennis, horse riding, basketball, motorcycle, F1…).  It is a golf paradise with golf courses all over the country.
  9. Original venues for meetings from avant-garde buildings to  wineries, castles or even flamenco clubs.
  10. From large cosmopolitan cities to charming villages to fit every type of meeting.

What are the best countries to do business in?

What are the best countries to do business in? by Infographiclabs

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