Mar 21

Making good productive use of travel time

This is not the first time we devote a post to time management.  However, today’s article will be more specifically from the point of view of how to take advantage of the technological gadgets.
Business travellers, often feel that a wasted minute is a missed business opportunity.  Thanks to all those gadgets that are already part of our daily lives,  just by a fair combination of logical planning and  a smart use of these technologies, there is not reason why you can’t get almost as much done on your way as you might have done from the office.

Tablets, laptops and Smartphones

Airplanes can easily become on-the-go offices with the help of these little pucks with so many apps and functionalities they have suddenly become all one needs to get a great part of your work done. Make of your iPad, NetBook or Smartphone your best ally not to miss a second during your journey from one place to another. You might have the feeling this will mean more work for you, but if you plan it well, it can be translated into more free time at the hotel to visit the city, for instance.


Carrying a GPS system is always somehow helpful when travelling abroad for one saves a lot of time trying to find the routes. Discovering the place rambling around might be wonderful if you are on tourism, but running late for a meeting won’t be the ideal situation not to know what pace to take. That is why they are always helfpul if one is not familiar with the city not to feel lost and go straight to the point (at least while doing business).

On the other hand, technology puts work so within easy reach that it seems almost a sin not to get work done while travelling. So, are these gadgets a good alliance to make our businesses easier to deal with or are they those evil machines that keep us chained to work no matter where we are?

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