Dec 16

Luxury on air journeys, austerity at sleeping

business-class air travel raising

premium-class flights preferred over luxury hotels

As shown by an American Express Business Insights study, travelers are more prone to invest their budgets in  high class flights rather than in luxury hotels.  The data finds that first- and business- class airline tickets increased  9.1% and 5,4% respectively.  However, once landed, economy lodges seem to be preferred over  high profile accomodations.

“It’s a whole lot more miserable for me to spend five or 15 hours on an airplane in economy than to spend a couple of days in a budget hotel“, John Harding, family law attorney in Pleasanton,Ca, says.  The trend shows travelers are far more concerned about the airline experience: “A good comfortable bed and a shower, the ability to work and get food and drink when needed works for me”, says Stephanie Dickey, vice president for an import company.

This raise in business travelers preferring premium seats is as well encouraged by the companies lossening their policies as regards employees flying in business-class -only 42% of companies banned premium-class traveling compared with last year’s 47%.


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