Oct 13

New gastronomic venue in the heart of Sevilla

Soon the Centro de Restauración Magallanes will be the new venue to be used as a restaurant or a gastronomic space in Sevilla. Magallanes will be located at the Aquarium building, in the city center.

The local will be pretty large: 600 people will fit in a gala dinner and 1,000 in a cocktail event. Magallanes will be settled just a few metres from the Guadalquivir River, so attendants will have the opportunity to arrive at the venue by private cruise. Boats can dock at Parque de la María Luisa. Moreover, the restaurant will offer a private car park for coaches.

The Centro de Restauración Magallanes will not only be an indoors place, but it will also have terraces. It is a new construction building.

The attendants will have the chance to visit the Aquarium before the events.

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