Mar 25

Gastronomic tourism: Barcelona and Madrid on the top


It is an evidence that the gastronomic tourism is more and more an important requirement for people when they choose a destination to go on vacation. The two main Spanish cities, Madrid and Barcelona, are a good example of well-known gastronomic places. Spain has always been relevant because of the food, but these two cities are nowadays even more important thanks to their giant gourmet restaurants.

‘El Nacional’ [in the picture], in Barcelona, and ‘El Mercado de San Miguel’, in Madrid, are beginning to be ‘musts’ for the visitors in these cities. Probably the success is due the excellent atmosphere and the glamour these venues offer, besides, of course, the good quality of the food and the variety of restaurants.

Barcelona and Madrid are now benchmarks of this sort of tourism, but there are other cities in the world which have giants gourmet restaurants. London is a very good example, in which you can find the Covent Garden Market and the Chelsea Market. The secret of the success? To be different and innovative.

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