Aug 29

Tenerife, a real mini-continent in itself!

Temperate climate all year round, vast beaches, deep valleys, small deserts, high mountains, charming towns …the seven islands that make up the archipelago of the Canaries have as much diversity of climate and landscapes than an entire continent!

Tenerife, also called the “Island of Eternal Spring”, is the largest and highest island and has about 655,656 inhabitants. The northern coast of Tenerife is bordered by steep cliffs, but the southern part of the island slopes down to one of the few regions of level coastal plain in the volcanic islands of the archipelago. Moreover, its attractive and accessible beaches make it a paradise for visitants and an idyllic holiday destination. The island also has picturesque towns and small country villages, which preserve their traditional character!tenerife

All these assets make possible all kind of excursions thanks to a great number of tracks and footpaths through the island. Walk to the peak of Mount Teide (3,717 metres high) or go hiking across the National Park or the Rural Parks of Teno and Anaga that are full of interesting plants, wildlife and isolated villages.

Tenerife, with its temperate climate and surrounding clear turquoise blue waters, also offers a wide range of sports and outdoor activities such as diving, surfing or windsurfing! With its superb sailing conditions and it is not surprising that a number of great Spanish sailing champions come from these islands!

Moreover, Tenerife is well served by airline companies coming directly from the main European capitals, especially from Germany, Belgium and United Kingdom. You can download the Tenerife Airport Flight Schedule to check flight recurrence to and from your home city.

Would you like to plan your next Business in Tenerife and discover what else this destination offers to its visitors? Check Tenerife Incentive Destination information and discover what E&TB Group can do for you!

For further information, contact our Incentive Department Manager Cristina Ferrero or call to E&TB Group at +34 93 2385440.

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