Jul 18

Why choose Gran Canaria for your next incentive travel?

Gran Canaria is the third biggest island in the Canary islands. This volcanic island, is surronded by the Atlantic ocean and protected by a wide range of beautiful landscapes.
Its tropical climate offers Gran Canaria the features of its particular vegetation, fruits and delicacies.

Other advantage for chosing Gran Canaria is the short distances along the island, and the good road communications to get to their towns.

The island offers a large range of activities for incentive groups as quads experiences, visit El pico de las Nieves, which is the highest peak on Gran Canaria, a walkbout to the peaceful northern town of San Mateo, or Santa Brigida, remarkable by its traditional canarian architecture.

Funniest activities are awating you in this pleasant place for your incentive travel!

This paradise among Africa and Europe can’t be missed!


Gran Canaria  auditorium


Check our Gran Canaria Airport flight Schedule to keep update with Gran Canaria International Airport (LPA)

If  you are planning a business travel to Gran Canaria with your company? Discover what E&TB Group can do for you and the advantanges to choose a Destination Management Company in Gran Canaria.

If you need any detailed information, contact our Sales manager Valeska Nawatzki at E&TB Group or call +34 93 2385440

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