Aug 14

Mallorca, a place where the sun always shines

Mallorca is the largest island within the Balearic Islands group in the spanish Mediterranean Sea and and its well known for its purpose built resorts and package holiday.

A place where the sun always shines and a culture full of history and legends, Mallorca is truly worth to be discovered. It is also, stunning scenery for hiking, cycling, golf, or sailing and other water sports.

In Mallorca, luxury hotels, boats, top restaurants, great nightlife and bars are 24 available and this is notable for tourist by the time of arriving to this incredible island, but also great for those who come to the island looking for a different place to stay.

Along with its sisters islands of Menorca and Ibiza, Mallorca and the Balearic islands, composes one of the most valuable destinations in Europe, therefore, its leisure offer and nigh performances are very popular worldwide, as well as its beautiful beaches in breathtaking sceneries.

The capital of this island named Palma de Mallorca, is spectacularly fitted with elegant venues with character, what gives Mallorca the infrastructure needed to be the perfect hostess in Spain.

Also, Palma airport provide with large number of direct flights from main capital cities in Europe. You can download the Mallorca Airport Flight Schedule to check flight recurrence to and from your home city.

Would you like to know what else Mallorca offers to its visitors? Check Mallorca Incentive Destination information and you will easily decide where to celebrate your next incentive reunion!

For further information about what E&TB Group can do for you in Mallorca, contact our Incentive Department Manager Cristina Ferrero or call +34 93 2385440.

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