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The best dishes of the Catalan Cuisine

Have you ever heart anything about the Catalan Cuisine? Both if the answer is YES or NO, you should keep reading this article, even more if you are travelling soon to Barcelona, the Costa Brava, or any other place in Catalonia.

The cuisine tradition in this Mediterranean region in Spain is legendary and varied: there are an infinite number of dishes that you can try. We will show you the most popular ones.


PA AMB TOMÀQUET (Bread with tomato)

This is the simplest one, but maybe also the most famous one. Pa amb tomàquet consists of bread, a few times toasted, with tomato rubbed over and seasoned with olive oil and salt. Sometimes you can also find garlic. You can eat it ‘alone’ or with a piece of ham, cheese or the Catalan sausage ‘fuet’.



This is a type of sausage based on ancient recipes made of raw pork and spices. It is perfect for those who love meat. Botifarra is usually served with beans, but you can also choose fries instead!





Suquet de peix is an amazing stew made with fish and seafood and a tasty sauce. You can add in there prawns, mussels, anglerfish… Perfect to eat in front of the sea!




CREMA CATALANA (Catalan cream)

Undoubtedly, you should try crema catalana for your dessert when you visit Catalonia. Similar to crème bruléé, it consists of rich custard flavoured with lemon, cinnamon or orange zest. The sugar is caramelized.


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