Jun 22

Mice Sector, present and future of the Spanish Tourism

La Vila Joisosa / Villajoyosa (Alicante)

Almost four million of people have attended a Mice Event hold in Spain in the last year. This means 15% more than in 2014, so the ascending tendency for the Spanish Incentive Tourism keeps growing.

Spain has always been a country popular because of tourism. Many people from all over the world –a lot of them, Europeans- have travelled to Spain to enjoy the beach, the Sun, the gastronomy, the people… But, in the last years there has been another type of tourism that has succeeded as the traditional one: the Mice Sector Tourism.

2015 has been the year in which more tourists have arrived in Spain to attend a Mice Event. This has generated around 7000 million of Euros, a high money quantity. If we focus on the leading touristic destination in Spain, Barcelona, the agency Turisme de Barcelona has published that the Mice Sector generates 1,500 million of Euros every year. Hotels, restaurants, transports and other sectors gain money due to the Mice Event attendants. Moreover, a lot of them come back afterwards in particulars trips. It means a good deal!

The Spanish Events Associated Agencies (AEVEA) have highlighted the importance of the Mice Sector and they have encouraged the regions, towns and villages to invest even more money for this sector, because it is the present and future of the Spanish Tourism Sector.

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