Jan 31

Tourist look forward to new experiences

Nowadays, when travelling, the place to visit is no longer the most important factor. More and more the experiences at the place are taking a major role during the travel development.

According to the World Tourism Organization (WTO), tourists “are more used to travel, have a higher basic income and have more free time.” Basically, they are not looking for just seeing tourist attractions, as they want to have experiences indeed.larocavillage

Since a few years ago, gastronomy tours are the most popular experiences so, tourist destinations usually include gastronomic experiences because visitors love them.

Moreover, other kind of activities as wine tasting or sports activities are becoming very popular as well, so destinations should offer the assortment range of leisure activities when building tour package holidays.

Along these activities, shopping is one of the most important activities for visitors. In fact, 25% tourists coming from the BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India and China and South Africa) admit that their main motivation when travelling is to go for shopping (according to TCI Research). Some European countries as Spain, France, Italy, Germany or United Kingdom are those that BRIC tourists like the most.

In Spain there are already few shopping centers as La Roca Village (in Barcelona) or Las Rozas Village (in Madrid), that receive lots of customers from BRIC countries.


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