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Enjoy the Sunset Tour, a unique experience in Mallorca

Mallorca wine sunset tourMallorca is one of the most visited islands in the Mediterranean area because of its beautiful beaches, good weather, landscapes… But there are other not so well known reasons that make the island as authentic as it is. One of the oldest treasures in Mallorca is the wine, obtained from natural vineyards and stored at the best wineries. Due to this, we suggest you to take the Sunset Tour and enjoy an incredible experience!

The Sunset Tour will introduce you, in the most original way, to the wine production in Mallorca: there is a train that travels across some beautiful wine-making places and it stops in some of them.

Firstly, you will visit a nice cellar, where will take place a delicious wine tasting and you will return to the train to visit some vineyards afterwards. The last stop is the best part of the tour as the train will stop in the most charming place of the island, where you will see the impressive sunset of Mallorca, an amazing landscape that you have never seen before! Moreover, you will taste other traditional wines and an exquisite Majorcan snack.

The Sunset Tour also offers the chance to have a lunch or dinner at the restaurant Covent d’es Marquès, just 200 meters from the winery. The restaurant is  an ancient convent built on the XVI century that has been tastefully renovated, so the atmosphere is perfect to have a romantic dinner. At Convent d’es Marquès you will taste the best wines and the most delicious dishes from the Balearic Islands.

The Sunset Tour in a unique experience in an idyllic place!

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