May 18

Cruising for Business

Most business travelers know that, despite the often-hectic shedule and sometimes frustrating service at airports and beyond, there are many benefits with all those miles.

MICE Sector offers good chances for shipping companies and also for travel agents who work for this sector regarding a CLIA ( International Association of Cruises) as the report Mixing business with pleasure states.
The studio points out that MICE Sector is prominent for business cruises specially, since the United States economy gains stability from recesion crisis and recovers budget for business and meetings travels.
MICE Sector along Social Networks fidelity means new opportunities for travel agencies but cruises lines and meeting mangement too.
62% of those polled affirm to know cruises for MICE and declare to reserve a cruises abord during next year

Amadeus and CLIA noticed the huge opportunity that this market segment is, however there are still travel agencies who are not familiarized enough with cruises business for incentives and business travels. The more they get in touch with this market segment and are well-informed and educated about it, the more they could generate volume of business.

Lately, more cruises lines are in progress on fitting up their ships with expensive and appropiate furnishes, conference rooms equipped with digital technology, wi-fi, and all the requirements needed for celebrating conferences, meetings and other business events on board.

The potencial of MICE Sector is encouragement driving forward  the cruises industry!


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