Sep 30

New high speed trains in Spain

The company Alta Velocidad Española – AVE (Spanish High Speed) has launched two new stretches this week. These two new ways will connect Madrid with León and Palencia, two cities in the northern Spain, not far from the Spanish Capital City. Spain is the second country in the world with more high speed trains, after China.

These two new tracks will also reduce the journey between Madrid and other regions as the Basque Country, Cantabria and Asturias, all they located in the very northern Spain. The journeys from these cities to Madrid (and opposite) were launched some years ago, but now they will take less time for travellers.

Due to the new stretches that will be launched soon, there will be new 162.7 high speed kilometres in Spain. Thirty cities will be connected by AVE.

The Spanish DMC as E&TB Group will seize our High Speed Train Network to offer you new destinations in our country.

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